Sustainable and efficient process cooling for metal cutting.

AdaptX cooling system

Our innovative solution increases the efficiency of machine tools and promotes the sustainability of machining processes. Our intelligent system solution for closed internal cooling can both replace and supplement conventional cooling methods such as flood cooling.

Our adaptive cooling control system increases the efficiency of the cooling process of machine tools and can be retrofitted for existing machines as well as integrated into new machines.

CO₂ reduction

Reduction of CO₂ emissions up to 90 % by substituting environmentally harmful and unhealthy cooling lubricants. 

Tool life

Extension of tool life by up to 30 % compared to dry machining for higher productivity. 

Production cost reduction

Cost reduction of around 16 % due to the elimination of conventional cooling lubricants and the associated process steps.

Energy and cost savings

The use of closed internal cooling makes conventional metalworking fluids obsolete and thus enables the elimination of process steps such as changing, transporting and disposing of metalworking fluids. The overall process can be accelerated due to the increased cutting speeds. Closed internal cooling offers considerable savings potential in series production by making numerous systems for emulsion cooling, cleaning, wet chip treatment and waste water treatment obsolete.

Optimum cooling temperatures for precision and performance

With our closed internal cooling system, you not only achieve impressive cooling temperatures that optimally control the tool temperature, but also increase the performance and precision of your machining processes.

The targeted cooling of the tool enables exact control of the machining parameters. This precise temperature control leads to optimum results by specifically influencing the heat development.

Real-time data collection during the machining process enables continuous monitoring and adjustment of the process parameters. This helps to increase the efficiency of your machining and enables high-precision results.


Our team of experts specializes in process optimization and cooling techniques for metal cutting. We help you to analyze your current processes through benchmarking methods and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, sustainability, and operating expenses in your production.


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Strategy | Technology

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Technology | Operations

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About Us

We are a spin-off of the TU Berlin (Institute for Machine Tools and Factory Management) and are currently in the process of transferring our scientific findings and years of experience in the field of internally cooled smart cutting tools for machining into a robust industrial product. The IntFlow project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST programme.


Die verbesserte Kühlleistung ermöglicht eine Anpassung der Prozessparameter, sodass in Kombination mit unserem System die Spanbildung positiv beeinflusst werden kann. Ferner wird dieser Effekt durch den Einsatz konventioneller Werkzeuge mit Spanleitstufen verstärkt und eine effiziente Spanabfuhr gewährleistet. Bei Bedarf besteht aber auch die Option, das System mit zusätzlich Luftdruck und/oder Minimalmengenschmierung zu kombinieren, um somit die Spanabfuhr bzw. Spanbildung zu verbessern. 

The active cooling of the tool in combination with an adjustment of the process parameters allows a higher heat transfer from the chip formation zone, so that a large part of the resulting heat is released via the chip and the heat input into the component is minimised. This also means that a high level of precision can be guaranteed due to low temperature differences.

The process cooling is performed with a sustainable and biodegradable coolant. The closed system also means that it is not necessary to replace the cooling fluid.

The system can be integrated into existing machine tools as a retrofit solution. To find out more about the exact implementation for your application, please contact us.

Initially, we offer a solution for turning operations. Integration into almost all lathes and machining centres is possible.

Depending on the design of the machine tool, a full integration can be realised. 

The amortisation period depends on various factors. We would be glad to calculate the potential savings together with you. Contact us to find out more.

Up to 16% of production costs are attributable to the use of metalworking fluids. The main reasons are consumption, disposal, quality requirements, maintenance, cleaning, occupational safety, health protection and energy consumption. We offer a solution that replaces conventional cooling technologies and thus saves up to 16 % of production costs.

It is a sustainable and biodegradable coolant that does not need to be changed as it is a closed cooling system.

When using cooling lubricants, CO₂ emissions are generated at various points along the production and supply chain. These include, in particular, production, disposal, transport and pumping within the machines or centralised lubrication. These emission factors are eliminated, which is why a CO₂ reduction of around 90 % can be achieved in the area of cooling.

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